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Condusive Termite conditions
Termite advise to Orlando Home Owners.Click Picture

Stucco Removal of Central Florida
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Stucco Cutting
  • Prevents ground moisture permeation into stucco system.
  • Protects walls from "buckling" or Delamination .
  • Identifies and eliminates hidden Subterranean Termites and Carpenter Ant access.
  • Recommended by the Fla Dept. of Agriculture & The Fla Building Code Dept.

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Orlando Termite Bond on Stucco Homes Forum.

As a strong recommendation from the Dept. of Agriculture to deny subterranean termites hidden access behind stucco,and other logistics, including moisture permeation effects on Exterior coating systems,new Building codes(ASTM C 1063-96) are now in place that require stucco to terminate above the soil.

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Florida Dept of Entomology

Florida Building Codes

EIFS & Termites.

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A clean cut is made through the stucco, below the floor plate.

Termite Cut
Cutting Stucco.jpg

Once the Stucco has been cut,termites are exposed.

Termites behind Stucco
Termite Cut Daytona.jpg

Moisture "wicking" up from the ground loosens the stucco for Termites and Carpenter ants.

Stucco and Termites
Stucco Termites.jpg

Close-up reveals how Termites tunnel behind the Stucco

Termite tunnels
Termite Cut.jpg
Cutting Stucco
Temite cut Orlando.jpg

Pool pumps and plumbing infrastucture all contribute to moisture conditions.Which in turn,of course, can lead to bugs.Cutting stucco here with an angle grinder can be challenging and calls for a skilled,and steady,hand.We use the best equipment and materials available for the cleanest and most durable finish.

Stucco cutting in Orlando
Stucco Cutting Oviedo.jpg

Termites seem to be naturaly attracted to columns.This column was cheated over the footer when constructed.Shortcuts like this are not uncommom in our business.We can repair this problem.


In most cases, there is a "cold" joint where the home's foundation intersects with exterior concrete that was poured(pooldecks,driveways ect.),regardless if the stucco is behind it or not.Termites only need 1/64th of an inch to infiltrate,and often do.We can customize this area to achieve the desired effect and make it look "intentional" and professional.It's a another alternative to "downdrilling thru the concrete.

Stucco Cut on pool deck in Point Cypress

Stucco Cut pool deck.jpg

Stucco cut in Heathrow Woods Florida


Stucco Cut will eliminate Moisture Intrusion.

Stucco Cutting Pros.jpg

Stucco Cut on Entryway in Lake Mary,Florida


Stucco Cut in Winter Park,Florida

Stucco cut Orlando
Stucco cut Orlando

Stucco Cut in Daytona,Florida


For best results,hire a licensed Stucco Contractor.Not a handyman.

Stucco Cutter
Stucco Cutter.jpg

The exposed "lip" of the stucco is reinforced to repel moisture and secure the integrity of the system.Weep holes may be left in the lowest slope on two parallel walls to drain any unforseen internal leaks.These can result from decayed plumbing infrastructure,windows,flashing,ect.

Sealing Stucco
Stucco Cut Termite.jpg
Stucco cut Alaqua before
Stucco cut Alaqua after

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